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Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

A fine whiskey must be savored, not slammed

  • Set of four soapstone shotglasses
  • Keep them in the freezer to chill your favorite adult beverage
  • Chills without watering down your drink like ice will!

Too many adults out there aren't drinking properly. We don't mean they're trying to pour beverages into their ears expecting ingestion - no. We mean that when it comes to adult beverages, many of you are drinking them at the wrong temperature, using the wrong vessel, at the wrong speed, or all of the above. You're doing it wrong.

Take whiskey, for example. Whether you get yours from Scotland, Ireland, Canada, or Kentucky, whiskey's slightly sour caramel vanilla smoke flavor should be savored. Sip it slowly, don't throw it back. That's not drinking responsibly. If you're not enjoying the delicious flavor of your whiskey, you're doing it wrong.

If your drink is too harsh for you, don't worry! Icing down your single-malt is a great way to smooth out a harsh alcohol burn. There's no shame in adding a little water or soda, but make sure you don't add more than you need, or that malty flavor will turn insipid and thin. Icing down your drink becomes problematic, though. As the ice melts, more water melts into your drink, ruining the delicate balance. You either end up drinking it too quickly, or your drink tastes bad. You're doing it wrong!

Enter ThinkGeek's new Whiskey Stone shot glasses! Hewed from natural soapstone, these rocky little cups live in the freezer until you need 'em. Pull them out, ice cold, and pour in your favorite (mine's Balvenie 21yr Portwood). Raise to your lips and sip, slowly. Just enough to coat your tongue. Mmm. That's good stuff. Now you're doing it right.

ThinkGeek always reminds you to drink responsibly. For serious.

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