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Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Much worse than a regular crime scene.

  • Looks just like police crime scene tape, but with more specific warnings.
  • Great for actual warnings or pranking your friends and/or coworkers.
  • About 50 feet of fun per roll.

Zombies ahead

When the crime scene tape just says "crime scene," one always has to push past it. There could be supplies, ammo, or clues as to what caused this whole zombie apocalypse in the first place. But if that's the only crime scene tape you have, there could also be a murder of zombies waiting around the next corner. So, help warn your fellow survivors better by picking up some rolls of Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape.

Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape comes in two flavors: "Biohazard - Keep Out" and "Caution - Zombies Ahead." Use whichever one is most applicable, or both (if the situation is that extreme). All tape looks just like real crime scene tape - yellow plastic with thick black letters. And you don't need to just use your Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape for real warnings; you can also put them up around your home or office for loads of hilarity. Some Biohazard tape blocking the office fridge, maybe? It's a zombie eat human world out there, so make sure you help yourself and others stay safe by using Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape.

Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape

  • Looks just like regular police tape, but these have more appropriate warnings.
  • Choose Zombie or Biohazard (or get a few of each to really cover your butt).
  • Length: approx. 50 feet per roll.
  • Dimensions: approx. 3" tall.

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