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Soylent Green Crackers

This product is no longer available

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Just like Grandmas used to taste.

  • Delicious, green crackers - powered by spinach and high energy plankton!
  • May or may not be really made of people.
  • Fully licensed snack.

Soylent Green


The year is 2022. The world has grown more crowded each year, and as the population has grown, the means to feed that population have dwindled. We couldn't go hungry; something had to be done. That's where the Soylent Corporation stepped in and saved us all. Forget their Soylent Red and Yellow - their crowning achievement has been Soylent Green. And now we share their wondrous invention with you: Soylent Green Crackers.

Soylent Green Crackers are the food stuff the world has been waiting for. A pleasing green cracker is low in fat and full of spinach, high energy plankton, and a special blend of herbs and people. Wait, what? Did we say people? DID WE SAY PEOPLE? OH SNAP - SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!! Ok, it's not really people. But Soylent Green Crackers are delicious and a great conversation piece. So remember, Soylent Green Crackers are not really made of people. Or are they?

For nutrition information, click here.

Soylent Green Crackers

  • Healthy crackers, powered by spinach and plankton.
  • Beautiful (and frightening) vintage-look packaging!
  • Fully licensed edible collectible (i.e. eat the crackers and keep the box!)
  • May or may not contain people.
  • 100% of the electricity used to make these crackers and box comes from green power sources.
  • Net Wt: 4.4oz (approx 10 servings).
  • Box Dimensions: approx. 4.5" x 7.635" x 2.5"

Soylent Green Crackers Video:

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