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Exclusive Zombie Monkey Plush

This product is no longer available

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Braaains . . . and bananas . . . and braaaains!

  • Very happy and decaying zombie monkey.
  • Ready to hug you (and eat your brains).
  • Available only at ThinkGeek!

Zombie Monkey

Zombie Monkey

The zombies are coming, the zombies are coming. But it's worse than we originally thought. Not just people are infected, but every sort of mobile species (and even a few immobile ones) now are at risk to developing the zombie virus. Yes, everything from dogs to cats to (and we know you know where we're going) monkeys!! Yes, that's right. Now there are zombie monkeys, and you can get one of your own with our Exclusive Zombie Monkey Plush!

Yup, these Exclusive Zombie Monkey Plush fit every word in their name. They are zombies, they are monkeys, they are plush, and you can only get them at ThinkGeek! They are ready to be hugged and loved, and in return will only sort of try and eat your brains. Each Exclusive Zombie Monkey Plush wears a torn up t-shirt and has multiple abrasions (each showing the red corduroy "muscle" hiding beneath its skin). Now, you might be wondering if this is, in fact, Zombie Timmy. It's not, but unless y'all buy up all these Exclusive Zombie Monkey Plush, they might infect the real Timmy, and no one would want that. And don't forgot the other fact about zombie monkeys: they like flinging zombie poo. Just saying.

Exclusive Zombie Monkey Plush

  • Adorable and decaying zombie monkey.
  • Ready to steal your heart and then eat it.
  • Decayed parts show red corduroy "muscle" underneath.
  • Dimensions: 7" x 6" x 8" (with tail stretched out behind).

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