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Circuit Board Ties

This product is no longer available

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I don't always wear a tie, but when I do, it's got circuits on it.

  • Hunter Green necktie with metallic copper and silver screening
  • Perfect for work when the boss makes you dress up
  • Makes a great gift for the well groomed geek in your life

Perhaps you have a job that requires that you dress up? You've heard the rationale before - "We might have a client coming through, and we want to give them a good impression!" or "the boss is one of those really conservative guys," or "shut up and get back to work." Then again, maybe you wear a tie because you actually like it.

Don't scoff! There are a few geeks out there that like to look slick, polished and well put-together. They are rare, but they are proud, fastidious and picky about their dress. Still, at their core, they're geeks, and would love to wear a Star Wars tie, or one shaped like the great sandworm Shai Hulud. Generally speaking, you can't get away with cool geeky ties like those.

So your tie selection must either be boring, or they have to be subtle in their geekiness. Behold the circuit-board tie! The subtle motherboard circuit pattern screened in metallic silver and copper onto this necktie looks sharp, but could just be some nifty semi-geometric pattern you see on any tie. Only a closer look reveals its secrets.

Watch as those other closeted geeks in your office glance at your tie and give you a knowing wink, or that nod of understanding and respect. It's a good looking tie, and you look good wearing it. Let your Geek Flag fly around your neck, and be proud!


  • Hunter Green tie with metallic silver and copper silkscreening
  • 58 inches long
  • 3.5 inches wide at the widest point

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