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Portal 2 Underground Poster Kit

This product is no longer available

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Go underground, deep into history

  • Four posters from the video game Portal 2
  • Hang them up anywhere you need more SCIENCE
  • Beware of combustible lemons, inhaling toxins

Cave Johnson approved

Portal 2 reinforced something we’ve known for a long time. To dig into history,one must go underground. Look at the the traditional room known as the Man Cave. Where is it? In the basement - underground! What do we do in a man cave? We grab our video game controllers and shoot at the bad guys in a historical war or we roll dice and pretend to fight dragons in a time long, long ago. It’s all making sense.

And Cave Johnson - oh, you didn’t realize how apropos his name is? - had his lair underground at Aperture Science. Decorate your man (or grrl!) cave to look like the older incarnation of Aperture with this set of four posters. The Portal 2 Underground Poster Kit includes one of each of the following posters: 1940s Aperture Signs, 1980s Boss Robot, 1980s Four Office, and 1870s Mannequin. Now get back to work on that combustible lemon!

Product Specifications

  • Set of four posters from the video game Portal 2
  • Hang them up anywhere you need more SCIENCE
  • Includes:
    • 1980s Boss Robot (18” x 24”)
    • 1940s Aperture Signs (24” x 36”)
    • 1970s Mannequin (18” x 24”)
    • 1980s Four Office (18” x 24”)

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