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Super 3DBoy iPhone Game System

1up Nintendo with Amazing iPhone 3D Graphics

  • iPhone gaming with eye-popping 3D visuals
  • Works with your existing iPhone 4
  • Supports dozens of Apps in 3D mode, with many more in development


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1up Nintendo with Amazing iPhone 3D Graphics

3D Boy



iPhone gaming has gone from "cute fad" to "damn those graphics are amazing" in a few short years. However, one thing you'll find absent from the Apple App Store is games from Nintendo. That's because Mario and his friends in the Mushroom Kingdom are shaking in their boots. They're not afraid of Bowser. It's the portable gaming juggernaut of Apple that they fear. Apple threatens to dominate Nintendo's gaming empire and whisk away Princess Peach to a stylish castle with minimalist Scandinavian design where she'll happily play iPhone 5 to the end of her days.

With the release of the new 3DS game system Nintendo hoped to 1up Apple by offering the futuristic magic of 3D gaming and reclaim the portable gaming crown. This seemed like a great idea, until now.... The Super 3DBoy iPhone Game System trumps the Nintendo 3DS and brings exciting 3D graphics to life on your iPhone.

Simply insert your iPhone 4 into the slot on the back of the Super 3DBoy and start playing. The specially designed Super 3DBoy game apps split the iPhone screen down the middle displaying one half of the screen to your right eye and the other half of the screen to your left. Slight variations in these two images work inside your brain to create a full-depth 3D effect.

Graphics on the Super 3DBoy are everything you would expect from a next-gen gaming system. With the amazing processing power and hi-res graphics of the iPhone you'll easily rival any other 3D gaming system in existence. Use the cushioned head-strap to firmly attach the Super 3DBoy to your head for tilt-based accelerometer games. Three ergonomically located action buttons control firing, acceleration, or other game features.

Now you can experience 3D versions of all of your favorite iPhone games with stunning realism. From Angry Birds to Infinity Blade, dozens of Super 3DBoy game Apps are available in the Apple App Store with more coming soon. A developer kit is also available with code examples you can use to create your own Super 3DBoy supported games.

Product Features

    Works with iPhone
  • Bring your iPhone gaming to the next level with eye-popping 3D visuals
  • Works with your existing iPhone, just slot into the top of the Super 3DBoy and begin gaming
  • Play your favorite games like Angry Birds and Infinity Blade in true 3D
  • Supports dozens of Apps in 3D mode with more Super 3DBoy Apps launching soon
  • Some Apps support augmented reality to combine real life visuals with superimposed 3D graphics
  • Built-in head strap keeps the Super 3DBoy rock-solid while gaming
  • Accelerometer game control with 3 built-in action buttons
  • Software support SDK available upon request for companies interested in adding 3DBoy support to their existing games
  • No batteries required. Powered by iPhone.
  • Compatible with iPhone 4 (AT&T or Verizon models are both supported)

Available Games

Do I need any special accessories to use the Super 3DBoy with my iPhone?
No. Simply choose your App, slot your iPhone 4 into the top of the Super 3DBoy and begin playing.

Will any current game App work with the Super 3DBoy?
No. Apps need to be specially designed to function in 3D mode. Dozens of Apps are available now with more coming soon. Regular Apps will not look or play correctly when used with the Super 3DBoy.

How does the Super 3DBoy technology work?
In supported Apps the iPhone screen is divided into two sections. Using the the two lenses of the Super 3DBoy, one screen section is viewable by the right eye, and the other viewable by the left eye. Slight variations in these two images create the 3D effect.

How do you control games on the Super 3DBoy?
It depends on the game. Many games solely use the iPhone accelerometer and your head movement for controls. Others make use of the 3 action buttons on the top of the unit.

Why don't the Super 3DBoy games feature a widescreen display like standard iPhone games?
Since the Super 3DBoy essentially splits the iPhone screen in half vertically to deliver two separate images, the widescreen aspect of the iPhone screen is reduced. Super 3DBoy games play in a portrait style mode similar to old skool arcade games. This is a requirement to achieve the special 3D effects of the Super 3DBoy.

How does the Super 3DBoy compare to Nintendo's new 3DS game system?
The Super 3DBoy is superior in every way. Not only is the price of the Super 3DBoy significantly less than the 3DS, games are much less expensive in the App Store. The 3D technology used in the Super 3DBoy is vastly superior to the 3DS with high-res eye-popping graphics. The stylish head-mounted design is perfect for everyday use.

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