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Edible Gummy iPhone Cases

They're protectively delicious!

  • Edible, gummy iPhone case
  • 8 delicious flavors: try them all!
  • Imported from Korea


ni gah muhn juh ggeun uh


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They're protectively delicious!

Delightful gummy goodness

It was a Thursday, and we were all stuck in full company meeting. The boss was going on and on about something, and everyone was tired. And then the sound started - the hunger sound. It was Hans, and his stomach needed food! He discreetly pulled his iPhone out of his pocket, brushed off some lint, and then began gnawing on his iPhone case. But don't worry, not only is the case edible, Hans did the right thing and brought enough for everyone - even you! Presenting the Edible Gummy iPhone Case.

The Edible Gummy iPhone Case comes straight from Korea, and it's fully eatable . . . edible. We mean, you can eat every last bit of it! They come in eight different colors and flavors - from beautiful orange (kimchi flavored) to delectable purple (fish lip flavored) to stylish white (garlic cream flavored). Okay, so the flavors take a little getting used to, but they are just the thing when you are trapped and hungry.

And the coolest part of the Edible Gummy iPhone Case is that you can just eat it bit by bit or all at once, all the while enjoying the protection it's providing for your iPhone. Oh, and don't worry, the Edible Gummy iPhone Case won't leave any residue on your iPhone (unless you suck on it while it is still on the phone, in which case you're a sillyhead). Get one now and banish hunger and protect your iPhone all with one delicious Edible Gummy iPhone Case.

All Styles

Works with iPhone

Edible Gummy iPhone Cases

  • Great for protecting your iPhone . . . and snacking!
  • Actually able to be eaten (aka: edible).
  • Stays warm in your pocket!
  • Slightly stretchy gummy material - fits iPhone 4 and 3Gs (sorry, not 3G).
  • Colors/Flavors:
    • Orange - Kimchi
    • Pink - Bubble Tea
    • Red - Fermented Apple
    • White - Garlic Cream
    • Yellow - Bitter Flower
    • Green - Chili Ginseng
    • Blue - Pickled Berry
    • Purple - Fish Lip
  • Imported from Korea.
  • Dimensions: approx. 4mm thick.

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