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Doctor Who Linear TARDIS Babydoll

This product is no longer available

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Somebody Flag Him Down

Yellow flag! Yellow flag! Please slow down and stay behind the pace TARDIS. As a reminder, the yellow flag indicates a hazard in the time travel downstream of the station's coordinates in space and time. Thank you for your support.

Doctor Who fans know that the Doctor's TARDIS is stuck as a police box due to a faulty chameleon circuit. What you may not know is that back in the day on Gallifrey, the Time Lords had a sport that was similar to NASCAR (they did involve "turn left, turn left" but in a way we can't really grok as mere humans). They involved whipping about time and space, checking in at various points with race officials of various civilizations and waving at the cheering fans during the pit stops before quickly vworping to the next checkpoint. So the next time you wonder why the Doctor has so many of those turbulent moments in the TARDIS, remember that in his youth, he was a star on the TARDIS NASCAR circuit.

A white line-art version of the TARDIS with the modern Doctor Who logo above it on a navy, babydoll (fitted) shirt.

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