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Firefly Serenity Giant Wall Decal

This product is no longer available

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So very very pretty

  • Midbulk transport, standard radion-accelerator core, classcode 03-K64, Firefly
  • Vinyl wall-art an astonishing 48 inches wide!
  • Easy to apply, remove, and reposition with no mess or residue!

Malcolm Reynolds: Good man. Solid, dependable, tight pants. He's a man of strong convictions, with a willingness to do just about anything to keep his people safe. After the disastrous battle at Serenity Valley, Malcolm pushed himself to find relevance in a new Alliance controlled 'verse. Realizing that, while one man can't make a difference to the whole of the Alliance, he can carve out a home for himself and go on about his business. He believed that, given a good ship and the right crew, a man could be fulfilled by living a quiet and simple life, doing honorable work for good wages, and be left alone.

Boy, was he wrong.

Still, he found his good crew, but more importantly, his good ship. A midbulk transport, ought-three K-six-four Firefly. Yessir, a ship like that will be with you 'til the day you die. You just had to step around the 廢物 'cause I think something was living there, before.

It's a thing of beauty, majestic in it's own way. Sometimes, you can just sit and stare at it, and wonder at it. It represents Freedom. The freedom to come and go as you please. The freedom to make port in one place, move some goods, collect some coin, and move on to another. The freedom to fly. Unfortunately, you're not free to keep one of these things in your office or workspace - a Firefly transport weighs some 285,000 pounds, and is almost 270 feet long. Also, the outrigger turbine pods have a strong tendency to suck in people what stand too close to 'em.

So your options are to enjoy the view from afar, or affix this wonderfully detailed vinyl representation onto your wall. This one, for instance, is 48 spectacular inches long, goes up easy and can easily be removed, or repositioned with no mess or residue on your wall. It's still a gorgeous piece of tech, and won't leak engine grease onto your carpeting. Also, it's a far sight cheaper.


  • Vinyl wall cling - adheres to any flat surface
  • Finely detailed, primary buffer panel and all
  • 48 inches long
  • A must for any Firefly or Serenity fan
  • Goes up easily, comes down or moves just as easily
  • Won't peel the paint off your walls, or leave sticky residue behind, so safe for anybody!

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