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Doctor Who Dalek Projection Clock

This product is no longer available

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Nothing wakes you up like the threat of extermination!

  • Projects time onto ceiling in blue
  • Cycles through three sound effects to wake you
  • Has snooze button - if you dare ignore the Dalek...

There you are, cozy in your PJs dreaming about a new season of The Doctor, when it hits you - you are not alone. Looming out of the dark and nebulous reaches of reality you can hear them as they float towards you, giant toilet plunger manipulator appendages at the ready, gunsticks aimed for you. It's them. They're here. You run, but you can't escape. Just as fear and panic put an icy grip on you, you sit bolt upright in bed, eyes glued to the ceiling, awake. You can still hear them. You can hear their hovering bodies approach, the sound of their gunsticks firing, that dreaded cry of "Exterminate!" Etched in glowing blue above your head is the time.

Obey! Obey! O-BEY!

Your alarm clock has done its job.

Maybe the Red Shiny Robots of Vortis are a myth too. But for some of us, the constant threat of death by alien robots is what keeps us going from day to day. Start your day the Dalek way - because nothing wakes you like the threat of extermination! The Dalek Alarm Clock projects the time onto your ceiling and cycles through three sound effects - hover, exterminate, and gunstick - to try to wake you from your slumber. It's the alarm clock Davros would use if he required an alarm clock.

Product Specifications

  • Cycles through three sound effects (hover, exterminate, and gunstick)
  • Projects time onto your ceiling!
  • Snoozes for ten minutes when depressed
  • Speech indicators on head flash white
  • Requires four AA batteries (included)
  • Approximately 9.8" x 5.1"

Doctor Who Dalek Projection Clock Video:

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