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Metal Inkless Micro Pen

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Never be without a pen again

  • Inkless metal pen on a keyring is always just within arms reach
  • Writes upside down, under water, and in space or all at the same time
  • Not like you'll be doing that a lot, but still - pretty awesome

It's happened to all of us - you're talking on the phone with a friend, and he says "Hey, Quentin Tarantino is here and he wants to say hi." Your palms start to sweat, and your heart races. You worry you're going to sound stupid, or say the wrong thing, and before you know it, the voice on the other side of the phone changes to the frenetic and animated voice of the director of Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, and Grindhouse.

At first it's hard to keep up. His style of conversation bounces from topic to topic - the plight of independent orange farmers in Florida, the health benefits of aloe, secrets of the old Soviet space program - but you keep up, somehow. Your brains oddly synced in a way that you never would have thought in your most fevered dreams. You're simpatico with one of your personal idols, and it's amazing.

He's so impressed with you that he offers up his personal cellphone, and invites you up to his house in the Hollywood hills where he and Uma are working on a new script. He'd like your input, so you should pop on over. He rattles off the number, says he's gotta go, and tosses the phone back to your buddy. You pat your pockets looking for a pen. You find one, but it's out of ink! No pencils in your bag, either! Desperately, you briefly considering gnawing a hole in your finger to smear the number on your arm in human blood! Too late - the moment is gone, the number forgotten, and you're forced back into your mundane existence.

In an emergency, you need a writing implement - something that will always be within hand's reach, will never run out of ink, and won't smear when you run your flop-sweaty mitts all over the paper. This pen writes in metal! Not graphite like a pencil or ink like a pen that smears and becomes unreadable. The lead-based alloy leaves a permanent mark that won't smudge or be erased.

Now, in the interest of disclosure, the tip is lead-based, so you should keep it out of the reach of kids, but it's perfectly safe as long as you keep it out of your mouth!


  • Inkless pen writes in metal
  • Virtually smudge-free
  • Never needs ink, or sharpening
  • Keychain style is always within arm's reach
  • Never go without a pen in an emergency!

Metal Inkless Micro Pen Video:

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