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The OCD Chef Cutting Board

This product is no longer available

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Because Good Knife Skills Require Precision

  • Made from strong, sturdy, and naturally antibacterial beechwood
  • Precisely 9.1 inches wide, 11.8 inches long, and 0.5 inches thick
  • Exacting measurements embedded on the surface

Cooking is as much a science as it is an art, and science requires precision. You need precise cooking temperatures, exacting timing, and perfect knife skills. Take a look at sushi chefs and the care they take in cutting their tuna into millimeters thick slices.

You might not be a sushi chef, but you pride yourself on the exacting methods required for making even a lowly bologna and cheese sandwich. You have to center the bread on the cutting board, put exactly 20ml of mayonaise spread into an even 1mm thick layer from edge to edge. Only one slice of bologna only, thank you, cut directly from the mortadella link and not from those awful packages at the grocer's refrigerator. Then, place the second slice of bread atop the bologna slice, square it off, and remove 6mm from each edge. Finally, cut the sandwich from corner to corner using 45 degree angles, exactly. If the angles are not 45 degrees, then you've failed to cut 6mm from at least one edge of the sandwich, and you have to start all over again.

It's about standards, and if you fail to follow the standards, you may as well stop living.

That's why we brought forth this cutting board. It's designed specifically for you - the obsessive compulsive chef that needs more order in your life. Use the guides etched into the surface of this fine piece of beechwood to guide your knife with exacting measurements, precise angles, and handy definitions. Learn just how small a julienne is, and get it right next time! This is a chiffonade, ya dingus.


  • Made from naturally anti-bacterial beechwood
  • Dimensions:
    • 9.1 inches wide
    • 11.8 inches long
    • 0.5 inches thick
  • Etched and marked with precise measurements and angles
  • Good for the obsessive compulsive or "fussy" chef

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