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River Song's Future Sonic Screwdriver

This product is no longer available

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The mysterious archaeologist...

  • 7-inch replica of River Song's sonic screwdriver
  • Light & sound effects from the TV show

Not your regular sonic screwdriver
DOCTOR: Your screwdriver... looks exactly like mine.
RIVER: Yeah. You gave it to me.
DOCTOR: I don't give my screwdriver to anyone.
RIVER: I'm not anyone.

The mysterious, curly-haired, and wee-bit-crazy River Song waltzed into The Doctor's life in the episode "Silence in the Library." She was even wielding a sonic screwdriver, which she claimed was given to her by The Doctor himself. Of course, The Doctor remembers nothing of that encounter because it hasn't happened yet. Their timelines will continue to intersect at odd moments, with River's stream going one way and The Doctor's going the other.

This sonic screwdriver is River Song's. Why cosplay a companion when you can be a real time traveler... possibly a time lady! (Is that what they call female time lords?) At the very least, she has Time Lord DNA (and possibly a Time Head). This 7-inch long replica of River Song's Sonic Screwdriver includes light and sound effects from the TV show. Enjoy it, Sweetie.

Product Specifications

  • A sonic screwdriver more advanced than the Doctor's own
  • Wait, it looks awfully similar to the Doctor's sonic screwdriver!
  • 7-inch long replica of River Song's sonic screwdriver
  • From the episode "Silence in the Library"
  • Includes light and sound effects

River Song's Future Sonic Screwdriver Video:

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