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Star Trek Romulan Ale Energy Drink

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

The drink the Federation doesn't want you to have!

  • Delicious, berry flavored, energy drink - in proper Romulan Ale blue.
  • 84 mg of caffeine per can.
  • Sold in 6 packs, just like they sell on Romulus.

Romulan Deliciousness

Illegal in the Federation from around 2280 to 2370, Romulan Ale is a very sought after alcoholic beverage - one that has been described as producing instant intoxication. Ok, so we're not gonna sell you that (we're keeping that for ourselves). BUT, we have found that there is another version of Romulan Ale, popular amongst the hard workers of Romulus: Romulan Ale Star Trek Energy Drink! Of course, we added the "Star Trek", but this is the real stuff - delivered to you through the magic of wormholes, warp technology, smuggling, and just a little bit of bribing.

Romulan Ale Star Trek Energy Drink will not make you drunk. What it will do is ramp up your body for anything. It's got vitamins (like B6 and B12), ginseng, and loads of caffeine (84 mg per easy-to-drink-in-one-sitting-because-it-tastes-so-good can), all wrapped up in a yummy berry taste. And it's blue. Aaaand, it comes in a six pack, just like you'd get at your local Romulan Quickie Mart. Romulan Ale Star Trek Energy Drink is full of alien technology and taste to keep you awake and alert. You know, so you can keep on trekkin' (sorry, we had to).

For nutrition information, click here.

Romulan Ale Star Trek Energy Drink

  • A tasty, blue beverage loaded with berry flavor.
  • Sold in packs of 6 (aka: 6 packs).
  • Banned in some sectors of the galaxy (but we won't tell).
  • Urine free!
  • Caffeine Content: 84 mg per can.
  • Net Wt.: 8.4 fl oz.

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