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Firefly Serenity Cutaway Poster Set

This product is no longer available

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She's tore aplenty, but she'll fly true

  • Four poster set of Serenity, Inara's Shuttle, and the Mule
  • 32 inches wide by 24 inches tall full color lithographs
  • 3D Cutaways include dozens of easter eggs!

The characters are so real, you feel like you know them. The ship herself a patched together mishmash of sheet metal, duct tape, and bits of wire, and yet you believe she can fly. The 'verse is so full of personality that you wish you could live there, despite the lack of respectable work and the painful need to eat this month.

The TV show Firefly only aired for 14 episodes, and yet the fan-following is possibly even more rabid than other unnamed series. Though the show's creator, Joss Whedon, has made it known he won't be revisiting Serenity any time soon, Nathan Fillion, Malcolm Reynolds himself, has bandied about the idea of buying the franchise and resurrecting it. We can hope, but what are we to do until that day?

We can enjoy the rich future-history created by those who worked on the shows and movie. Illustrator John Mullaney and graphic artist Geoffrey Mandel teamed up to create these four beautiful posters depicting two 3D cutaway views of our favorite ought-three K6 Firefly, Serenity, plus one of Inara's shuttle and the MF-813 "Flying Mule" ground transport. Each one meticulously detailed and includes several easter eggs for the fans to find.

See if you can spot Inara's incense burner, or the shot of the Alliance Operative as he tries to taunt Mal out of hiding, or perhaps, if you are very lucky indeed, you can find "Vera." If you don't know what Vera is, grab your nearest geek in a browncoat.


  • Four poster set of 3D cutaway diagrams of Firefly and supporting vessels
  • Each poster 32 inches wide by 24 inches tall, 100 pound paper
  • Full of tiny diagrams and easter eggs for every Firefly fan to find
  • So very pretty...

Firefly Serenity Cutaway Poster Set Video:

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