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Khet 2.0 Laser Game

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

An Ancient Game of Laser Tag - 2.0!

  • Awesome two person "laser tag" board game.
  • Use mirrored playing pieces to aim the laser.
  • Like chess, but with more pew pew pew!

Fun with lasers

Fun with lasers

On a recent archaeological expedition near the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the ThinkGeek R&D department made a yet another shocking discovery. The details will be published in a few months, but we couldn't wait to share what we found: the favorite game of the Ancient Egyptians was made of plastic and mirrors, and used lasers. Yes . . . lasers! It was called Khet. But we already made that discovery a few years ago. No, the new discovery is that the Ancient Egyptians also invented the game upgrade. Yes, we are so, so proud to present Khet 2.0 Laser Game.

For those of you that loved the original Khet, you're gonna just flip for Khet 2.0, but we'll sum up game play for you who are new to the game. In Khet 2.0 Laser Game, there are four types of playing pieces, and two of them have mirrors. Game play is simple, and easy to learn, as there are only a few movement choices. The goal is to eliminate your opponent's Pharaoh. And, you eliminate the Pharaoh just like they did in olden times - by firing a red laser! And this is where Khet 2.0 kicks the game up a notch.

In the original Khet, the lasers were part of the board. But in Khet 2.0, the lasers are built in to special Sphinx pieces that perch in the corner and can now rotate to change the angle of the beam (because of this change, the board is very slim and now built to travel)! Your laser is fired after your turn and bounces from mirrored piece to mirrored piece (always shooting off at a 90 degree angle). If the laser hits any piece on a non-reflective surface (with one exception we'll leave as a surprise), that piece is removed from play. If you eliminate your opponent's Pharaoh, you win. If you eliminate your own Pharaoh, you will be mocked for all time (because it is possible). Khet 2.0 Laser Game is the next generation of the best laser game of all time.

Please Note: Khet 2.0 is not compatible with Khet 1.0 Add-on Pieces. Also, laser simulated in pictures to better give you an idea of game play.

Khet 2.0 Laser Game

  • An awesome game that combines chess and lasers (with a sprinkling of Ancient Egyptian flavors) into one fantastic package.
  • Stores in box for easy travel (box has carrying handle).
  • Ages: 9 and up.
  • Includes: Carrying case/box, 26 pieces (two that fire lasers), game board, and illustrated instructions.
  • Batteries: each laser piece uses 1 CR2032 battery (included).
  • Game Board Dimensions: 13" x 13" x 0.375".

Exclusive Beam Splitter 2-Pack

  • Two awesome addition pieces (one for each side) cause the laser to split into 2 beams.
  • Instantly makes the game even more challenging.
  • Heck, if you lined these up right, you could have 3 beams to play with.

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