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Giant Futurama Plush

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Can't hold on... arms are too tired from hugging!

  • Giant plush from the animated TV series Futurama
  • Choose: Bender, Zoidberg, or Nibbler
  • Articulation in arms (and Nibbler's legs, too)

Aw man, that crap's heavy!

Despite the huggable nature of these giant Futurama plush, we feel the need to warn you about the dangerous of overhugging. Remember the story of Malachi Jr., the son of Malachi and Malachi's wife. Man, did that boy love to hug! He loved hugging so much that he would practice hugging on a big bottle just so he could be sure he could give his dad the best hug ever when he got home. But the story ends in tragedy - when Malachi, Jr. fell into a river, his arms were so tired from hugging that he couldn't save himself and hold on to a branch.

Hug in moderation, Futurama fans. It'll be hard since these plush are so huge and awesome, but we hope you take the lesson of young Malachi Jr. to heart. Choose from three giant plush from the animated TV series Futurama: Bender to be your drinking buddy, Nibbler and his dark matter to remind you to change your underpants, and Zoidberg to mate with you. (Actually, it's best you don't do that last part.)


Product Specifications

  • Giant plush from the animated TV series Futurama
  • Each over 12" tall!
  • Three characters available:
    • Bender - poseable arms
    • Zoidberg - poseable arms
    • Nibbler (with mini plush dark matter in his underpants) - poseable arms and legs

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