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Organ Transport Lunch Cooler

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Is that a BLT or a spleen?

  • White and Red insulated lunchbox cooler
  • Big enough to hold a typical frozen meal, plus a couple of sodas, and / or viscera
  • Not fit for actual human organ transport, but are you really gonna do that?

Perhaps you've heard this story before? You spend the time to prepare an awesome lunch, and carry it with you to work only to find that, when the lunch whistle sounds, some filthy thief raided your tupperware and has stolen your juice-box. Sure, there are plenty of ways to combat the dreaded lunch thief. You can leave passive-aggressive notes, but those only get laughed at. You can resort to shelf-stable items that require no refrigeration, but they kinda suck. Or, you can hire Dolph Lundgren to guard your lunchbox.

As awesome as it sounds to actually have Ivan Drago personally watching over your BLT and Monster Energy Drink, he's just as likely to eat it himself. You just can't win.

Or can you? Engage in some tried-and-true social engineering! Our new Organ Transport Lunch Cooler employs three different methods to dissuade your would-be sammich pilferer: One - Your new lunchbox is going to be pretty unique and will get jaws a-flappin' over the cool design. Everybody will know who it belongs to, and personalized knowledge of the owner would make the thief feel guilty about stealing. Two - the gross-out factor that the contents of your bag is actual human organs dissuading your thief from even wanting to open it let alone steal it. Three - if the bag actually contained human organs, opening the bag would contaminate the contents, ruining the potential for transplant, and that would be morally reprehensible on a scale that far outstrips simply stealing a lunch.

So save your sack from getting pinched by a coworker too cheap or lazy to get his own lunch. Do so in a way that looks cool and is guaranteed to turn heads and get people talking!

Measures 9.5in x 6in x 6.5in


  • Insulated lunch box with reflective inner lining
  • Designed to resemble an organ transplant donation cooler
  • Will keep your food chilled while keeping lunch-thieves away
  • made of polyester fabric with a food-safe PEVA liner

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