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Star Wars Wallets

This product is no longer available

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How the Emperor Keeps his Cash

  • A series of Lucasfilm licensed wallets
  • Real leather with silk screened artwork
  • Made for Imperial Credits, but handles US Money almost as well

"What the hell's an aluminum falcon?!" - Emperor Palpatine

Under Darth Vader's watch, a loose band of rebels, smugglers and thieves, piloting stolen ships, managed to destroy a small moon. But, that's no moon - that's a space station! Or, was before it was demolished. Now it's an expanding cloud of debris with a rather pretty luminous ring around it*. It was an incredible loss for the Empire, but we are nothing if not a determined evil galactic government.

So we rebuilt it. Mostly.

The first Death Star was budgeted secretly in various emergency spending bills. When amortized over a decade, it still cost the Empire several hundred billion Imperial Credits per year to built the thing. The second Death Star, being built in a secret location, is being rushed faster than any project ever undertaken. In less than a year, we plan to be fully operational. Unfortunately, that kind of speed and secrecy costs money.

We're not talking pure labor and materiel costs: we're talking about greasing palms... cash money that helps the cogs of industry turn. You would be shocked to know how many times Emperor Palpatine himself walked to the ATM to withdraw folding money to give to some Bounty Hunter to put holes in a slow contractor. Naturally, Papa Palpatine is too classy to carry cash in a wad in his pocket. He's got a sweet gift from his apprentice - a real leather wallet with Vader's face on it.

You too can have your own Dark Wallet of the Sith from ThinkGeek! These bifold wallets feature artwork silkscreened onto the outside, and have room enough for dozens of bills, six cards, a standard Imperial ID card (or drivers' license), and even a slot for all the ATM receipts for bribes^H^H^H^H^H^H remunerary encouragement.


  • Leather with Nylon interior
  • Room for folding cash, receipts, 6 credit-cards, 1 ID, plus two side-compartments to carry "stolen plans"
  • Bi-fold design
  • 8.5" long by 3.5" tall (21.4cm x 8.9cm)
  • Licensed by Lucasfilm, Ltd.

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