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E is for Energy Tank Mug

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Be strong, Blue Bomber

  • Mega awesome Energy Tank design
  • Fire the weapon from Caffeine Man into it
  • You can keep more than 9 in your inventory!

It's Monday morning. You've been out rocking and rolling all weekend, and boy is your arm-cannon tired. You arrive at work in your robot dog, transform him into your desk chair, and settle into him to check a few news feeds to see if any killer roboviruses or random Russian scientists have tried to take over the world. Suddenly, your robot dogchairphone rings!

It's Boss Man, and the wily client just moved back the due date on your project -- to 20XX! (XX, we assume, is some value less than 10.) He wants the finished product on his desk by the end of the day, or he introduces you to Pink Slip Man. There's no time to lose!

You'll have to fight your way through 8 challenging stages of your project before your final confrontation with Boss Man:

  • Browser Quirks Man
  • Perl Man
  • Inopportunely-Timed Flu Man
  • Feature Creep Man
  • Debug Man
  • Failure To Grasp Mathematics Before Noon Man
  • Refuctoring Man
  • Damn It Man

How will you ever finish on time? How will you even make it through the day without exploding into a bunch of pulsing sparks?

Fear not, Blue Bomber! Recharge your tired batteries as many times as it takes with this Energy Tank mug! Unlike previous models, this one even includes a handle so you don't have to burn your hands. And also unlike previous models, you can keep more than 9 in your inventory. (Please do!)

Please note that the Energy Tank arrives empty, and you will have to fire the weapon you got from Caffeine Man into this yourself. If it makes you feel any better, at least you won't get funny looks for trying to shove your arm-cannon into your mouth anymore.

Don't be caught facing your enemies without adequate energy. At least, until we start offering 1UPs.

Product Specifications

  • Holds 11 oz. of your favorite beverage
  • Mega awesome Energy Tank design
  • Available in Mega Blue only. Don't change weapons if you want your clothes to match your mug.
  • Fire the weapon from Caffeine Man to fill it
  • Recharge your tired batteries whenever you want
  • Includes integrated handle to prevent hand burning

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