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Pocket Stashes

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

These 'Stashes are Not for Hipsters

  • Unbelievably small waterproof keyring canisters for your necessities
  • Hooks to your keyring to be ready when you are
  • Choose FireStash, CoinStash, or CashStash



If you're the sort of person who has one of everything you could possibly need in an emergency situation on you, the likelihood is you've got a lot of tchotchke going on. You have a metal file to provide your friend in need, but it might take you 20 minutes to find it. By that time, the friend could have already gone out and bought one.

De-clutter your pockets / purse / SEV with these Stashes:

  • The FireStash lets you be mini-Prometheus bringing a fully-working lighter. We can ship it to you without a huge hassle because this tiny refillable lighter needs you to provide the fuel. Just fill it up with standard lighter fuel before first use, and you have tiny fire on the go.
  • The CashStash holds a bill that you fold and wrap around the inner cash clip or let it protect a list of dual-authentication backup verification codes for when you can't get to your phone.
  • The CoinStash holds quarters. We wish we'd had this when we were kids. Man. We would have had less stress at arcades if we weren't fishing in our pockets for change watching the CONTINUE? clock count down. But seriously, some machines still expect change, especially when you travel through smaller towns. Don't get caught without it.

Product Specifications

  • Unbelievably small, waterproof keyring canisters for your necessities
  • Choose FireStash, CashStash, or CoinStash
  • Each includes waterproof neoprene 'O' ring and keyring attachment
  • FireStash
    • Materials: Dark Chrome-Plated Zinc Alloy
    • Dimensions: 1.8" long x .6" diameter
    • Weight: .4 oz
  • CashStash
    • Materials: Aircraft-Grade Aluminium
    • Dimensions: 1.8" long x .6" diameter
    • Weight: .3 oz
  • CoinStash
    • Materials: Aircraft-Grade Aluminium
    • Dimensions: 1.6" long x 1" diameter (big enough for a quarter, but not a dollar)
    • Weight: .4 oz

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