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Classic Empire Boba Fett

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Schooled by a six-year old.

Back at our old office, we used to have Boba Fett in the lobby to greet visitors. You would not believe the number of people who would wander in and ask us where the gym equipment was. Really? Do we look like a gym? Did you miss the 6 ft. bounty hunter?

As adult (or almost adult) geeks, we consider it part of our duty to educate the younger masses who tend that way in The Ways of The Geek. Guide them. Nurture them. So this past weekend, t-shirt girl was visiting with her college roommate. She was idly discussing assorted Important Things with the kids of said roommate as they headed to an Italian restaurant for lunch. The six-year old boy piped up, "Boba Fett is blue." Without thinking she inquired, "What? You mean his lightsaber?" Little boy responded, in a tone that implied the absurdity of the question, "Boba Fett doesn't have a lightsaber." His tiny forehead furrowed. "Oh yeah. Dur." t-shirt girl scrambled. "He's got a blaster." But she'd had her moment of geek fail. There was no recovering. (For anyone else curious about why Boba Fett is blue, it has something to do with the Lego Star Wars computer games. She didn't dare ask more.)

This classic Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett shirt is military green. Note: the print is distressed and the fabric is extra soft for a vintage feel.

*This product is imported.

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