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Stark Industries

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Marvel employment is rough.

Well, hello and welcome to your first day on the job at Stark Industries. The bathrooms are over there. The kitchen is over here. Oh, and don't bother ordering business cards. It'll be named something different next week.

With the economy how it is, it can be difficult to find work, even with a super skill set. We've put together a friendly little list of places to avoid applying to, no matter how desperate you become:

  • A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics). If you're going to be a terrorist, you shouldn't have to wear a uniform. A yellow uniform. Who looks good in yellow? Besides Wolverine. And The Bride.
  • HYDRA. Fascism. And again with the bad uniforms. It's a good thing when a company wants to keep you; it's a bad thing when they do it via death-oath.
  • The Sons of the Serpent. Perpetrators of hate-crimes. All around scumbags. Do you really want to be seen with them? Yeah. We didn't think so.
  • Hexus. It'd be your last exposure to extreme corporate branding. Great experience, and you'd love it while you work there. But you can't really put it on a resume, cause there isn't any next job.
  • Roxxon Energy Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kronas Corporation. BP blamed a faulty blowout preventer. We know better. Totally corporate sabotage perpetrated by Roxxon.

Despite not knowing what your corporation's name might be from week to week, Stark's a better choice. Stark Industries in red on a black 100% cotton t-shirt.

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