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Star Trek Red Shirt Poster

This product is no longer available

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Your time to die approaches.

  • A cool depiction of how you will end your days if you have a Red Shirt on.
  • From that space TV show - the one where people trekked through the stars.
  • Printed on real Earth paper.

You've just landed on an alien planet. You are standing in a field of delicate grass. Ahead of you is bodacious babe of an alien. She smiles and gestures to you to join her. You begin walking towards her when all of a sudden a rock falls out of the sky and squishes you flat. And then blows up. And then an alien energy weapon fires on your remains. And then alien plants eat whatever's left. And why? Because you have a Red Tunic on. That's right: you're a Red Shirt. Well, you were a Red Shirt. Now you're dead, just like all those who came before you. Celebrate the sick brotherhood of the Red Shirt with (drum roll) the Red Shirt Poster.

The Red Shirt Poster is a unique take on the Red Shirt phenomenon - a sort of graph of all the ways death might befall one wearing a crimson uniform (plus, the name of the episodes those deaths were from). Now, the sanguine shirt didn't always signify a quick demise, but as this poster points out, if you were wearing red, you were 287% more likely to snuff it. Help commemorate (and mock) those who have expired, those who are bereft of life, those who are pushing daisies - in short, those who wore the Red Shirt of Death with the Red Shirt Poster .

Red Shirt Poster

  • A fun (and sad) depiction of all the ways you'll die if you wear a red uniform.
  • Dimensions: 24" x 18".

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