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Final Fantasy Plush

This product is no longer available

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No, no, Chocobo.

  • Plush from the Final Fantasy video game series
  • Imported from Japan
  • Choose: Cactuar, Moogle, Tonberry, Chocobo

When we were younger, we totally wanted a Chocobo. Who wouldn't want to ride on a giant bird and avoid random encounters? (Random encounters in the neighborhood were what made us late for dinner or otherwise in deep trouble with the parental units.) Honestly, we haven't gotten over it. Here we are, in our 20s, 30s, 40s... and we still want to ride a Chocobo. Unfortunately, our attempts at genetically mutating existing birds into Chocobo haven't exactly worked as anticipated. The base model of the ostrich is the right size, but the temperament is all wrong, even when blended with significant material from sweeter, cuddlier birds. Alas, we will continue our quest.

But for now, how about an adorable plush Chocobo? He's a bit shy of seven inches tall, so he won't be carting anyone around, but he'd gladly sit on your desk and help you work. He even has friends - Cactuar, Moogle, and Tonberry, also in squishy plush form. And if you need to avoid a random encounter with one of your eight bosses, you can throw Tonberry at him as a distraction as you run for the relative privacy of the bathroom.

Product Specifications

  • Adorable plush from Square-Enix's Final Fantasy series of RPG video games
  • Imported from Japan
  • Four characters available: :
    • Cactuar (15" tall)
    • Moogle (12.25" tall)
    • Tonberry (10.25" tall)
    • Chocobo (6.75" tall)

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