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Tech Support Staff

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

ThinkGeek Bounty Program

This product was a winner of the ThinkGeek Bounty Program, which means the design was an original submission by one of you. Unfortunately this program doesn't exist anymore, but to all who participated in the past, we're forever grateful for your brains.

So long and thanks for all the ideas!

Maybe We Need a Tech Support Group

Sometimes you just gotta admit when they've got the best of you. Sure. I'm a nice person. I'm fixing your computer, iPhone, DVR, printer, biometric reader that won't let you in your own house. And the next time I need something broken, I'll call you, k?

No matter how many times you break out the "No, I will not fix your computer" shirt, there are some people who just won't pay attention. They assume you're wearing that funny shirt for someone else. Those other people. The annoying ones. Any protestation will be wasted on these types. You ought to at least get credit for helping their sorry butts. This is what they see you as. Call them out for it.

Also, on a less-cynical note, this would be a great shirt to wear to an event where you actually want and need to be identified as the Tech Support. Dual-purpose, if you will.

The chest of this 100% cotton black shirt has a small logo made of a power symbol and a two-button mouse (chill out Appleaphiliacs) with a red plus symbol / cross thing and the words "Tech Support" in white. The back declares "STAFF Tech Support" also in white.

*This product is imported.

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