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Fawkes and Codex Highland Sextasy Poster

This product is no longer available

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Made Famous on The Guild!

  • Super high-quality Highland Sextasy Print by Greg Aronowitz
  • Proceeds from the sale go to Child's Play
  • 18 x 24 inches on 100 lb high-quality paper

Fawkes did not approve

Hey internet shopping masses! Do you like fine art? I know I do, though lately it's mostly it's the online multiple-polygon variety, and the occasional downloaded Bollywood musical. I do loves me some dazzling choreography.

So, art? Great, right?

I commissioned this guy I know that does van-art. Whipped this up for me real quick for my good buddy and bestest pal ever, Codex. We're inseparable. We're like peas in a pod, or conjoined twins without the connective tissue, or two of those really really strong magnets. Neodymium'd.

Anyway, Codex was dating the leader of a rival guild, Fawkes, and I was completely 100% behind it. 110% percent, even! I was like Team Codex-Fawkes! Like Team Cawkes, or something. Except, it didn't quite work out. See, she was all, "I like your bad-boy attitude and rugged good looks," and he was all, "whatever, cupcake. You're like a research project to me," and she was all, "go blow it out your arrgh hole!" Great comeback, Codex! Really put Fawkes in his kilty place!

So I had this seriously bitchin' painting made, because, you know - I'm uber-supportive, and would do anything for my bestest bud, Codex! I had to sell some blood to help pay for it, though. I'm feeling kinda lightheaded, so I had to put this painting up for sale to raise fundage. I auctioned off the original so I could buy my friendy-friend a sweet computer, but she really deserves a great machine for gaming so I'm selling poster versions too. Poster'd.

You can get your own super high-quality print, 18 x 24, of Fawkes, enkilted and ensworded, standing boldly next to Codex all pale and bosomy. It's a really good likeness, I think. I'll send proceeds to Child's Play, benefitting sick kids in children's hospitals everywhere. So, open your sacks, everyone! And by sacks, I mean money sacks, 'cause MMORPGs typically have a sort-of renaissance motif where sacks carried your gold and silver, though personally I've only got copper, hence the excessive bloodletting. Do you think the tissue center'd take perspiration, 'cause I'm kinda dizzy and flop-sweaty at the moment...

P.S. - Don't tell my guild master Vork. If he thinks I'm trying to raise money for the guild-hall, there'll be "hell to pay." I'm serious, I think I heard him say that there's a 20% "hell surcharge," or something. Usury'd.


  • High-quality 18 x 24 poster of "Highland Sextasy"
  • As seen on Season 4 of The Guild
  • Original Artwork by Greg Aronowitz
  • ThinkGeek Exclusive!
  • Printed on high-gloss 100 lb paper stock
  • Proceeds go to Child's Play to buy games, books, toys and videos for sick kids in complex pediatric care worldwide

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