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Baby Owner's Games and Activities Book

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Baby says, "RTFM, genetic donor!"

  • 75 games & activities for babies through 36 months
  • Make your baby smarter, stronger, faster!
  • Smart baby = More income = Your comfortable retirement

There's a great irony in us having this book, or any owner's manual, for that matter. As a card-carrying geek, when was the last time you RTFM before operating your shiny new device? Yeah, we thought so. We have a policy of "mess with first, consult manual when it breaks and we can't figure it out." Perhaps this is an acceptable policy for say, a television or a stand mixer, but it's definitely not kosher for the raising of a human infant.

The Baby's Owner's Manual has taught over 150,000 users how to operate a newborn and/or infant human. Now it's time to bring your baby's performance to the next level with the Baby Owner's Games and Activities Book. Ready for a smarter, stronger, faster, cleaner, and more creative baby? Yeah, you know you are. If your wee geek is going to excel in the job market of tomorrow, it's best you start training ASAP! These 75 games designed for babies ages 0-36 months will test your baby's audio/visual apparatus, maximize coordination, strengthen motor skills, and more. There are even schematics! You know it's a good book when there are schematics.

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