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3D Drawing Pad

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Magical notepad turns everything you write into 3D

  • Each page is a stereographic background
  • Write or draw on it in black ink
  • Put on the 3D glasses to see your writing float!

Seems like everything is 3D nowadays. Pretty soon we'll be watching 3D movies, playing 3D video games on our 3D TVs, and typing emails on our 3D iPads. Then our cars will have 3D dashboard displays and our fast food menus will have french fries popping out of them like they're ready to leap into our mouth. Mmmmmm... the Future is so tasty.

If you've ever wanted to work in 3D, but lack the artistic or computering know-how, we have a low-tech solution with the 3D Drawing Pad. Each page is a stereographic background for your writing or drawing. Put on the 3D specs and see your lines float above the page! The colored filters in the 3D specs allow each eye to only see the opposite color on the stereoscopic graph. As the brain fuses the two graphs together our focal point is pushed backwards creating the illusion of depth. As your drawing in black ink is seen by both eyes it remains at its normal focal distance, appearing to float above the page.

Product Specifications

  • Write and draw in 3D on this magical notepad
  • 3D Image will only appear when you write on the checkered part of the pad
  • Each page is a stereoscopic background
  • Write or draw on it in black ink (black works best)
  • Put on your 3D specs to see your lines float above the page
  • 50 sheets per pad, plus one pair of 3D glasses

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