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"Exterminate! Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!"

  • Classic black and white mug
  • Dalek rampages are no laughing matter

The only word in the Who lexicon that can still send a shiver down the spine of every Who-fan in Who-ville, this single word is the catch phrase of the most feared cybernetic beings in existence. Cybermen? Pfft. Ask yourself this: when the Pandorica opened, who was there? That's right, the Daleks and some of their closest friends. When the Time Lords were brought down for their treacherous interference in the Time War, putting an end to one bright species' quest for domination - and perhaps subsequent destruction of all life - who was there? The Daleks. Sure, they may look like a giant salt and pepper shaker with an eye-stock, a death ray arm, and something looking like a toilet plunger called a "manipulator," but true denizens of the Who-verse know, the Dalek is nothing to be trifled with.


And now it's your turn to inflict terror on the Universe! Whether sipping a steamy beverage in the war torn ashes of Skaro with Davros himself or just jotting down to the kitchen with your horde of mechanical mayhem, folks will know you mean business when you approach them with this mug. Crafted with the finest Earth based ceramic technology specifically designed to contain both cold and warm liquids (but not at the same time - that would be a temporal paradox), this mug is the only place a self respecting megalomaniac bent on the utter destruction of all inferior life would keep their beverages. An army of nine Daleks are depicted around the mug, with the only warning you need to give anyone that stands between you and your beverage of choice: "YOU ALL WILL BE EXTERMINATED."

Product Specifications

  • Can hold liquids, or even small solids!
  • Perfect gift for the budding Davros in all of us
  • Features nine Daleks in the original black and white casing - no iPod color schemes here!
  • Will not actually EXTERMINATE anyone

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