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Doctor Who Keychains

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Be prepared with these timey wimey keychains

  • TARDIS keychain with secret cash compartment
  • 10th Doctor's sonic screwdriver doubles as a flashlight
  • Red (Skittle!) Dalek keychain with tiny LED flashlight


Emergency Funds

The Boy Scouts aren't the only ones out there being prepared. The Doctor is always prepared for anything that might come his way. And if there's a problem he can't fix with his sonic screwdriver, he goes all MacGyver with whatever's around. We figure if we have any chance of saving the world like the Doctor (or at least our own butts), we'd better equip ourselves properly.

Each of these keychains hides a cool secret. The diecast TARDIS keychain unscrews to reveal a secret cash compartment, perfect for those mornings when your wallet is missing and Mike Tyson's tiger is in your bathroom. (Hint: Leave town. Fast!) We recommend putting a $50 in there since it'll cover a cab ride and a meal. The other two keychains are mini flashlights: one fashioned like the 10th Doctor's sonic screwdriver, the other a red Dalek.

Product Specifications

  • Three Doctor Who keychains, each with a cool secret
  • TARDIS keychain is diecast metal with a secret compartment to hold cash
  • (Cash not included. We recommend putting in a $50 - covers a long cab ride!)
  • 10th Doctor's sonic screwdriver keychain doubles as a flashlight
  • Red (new, Skittle-style!) Dalek keychain is also a flashlight
  • Keychains are approx 2.5" tall
*This product is imported.

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