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Coq au Venn

Can life in your office be described as a total fustercluck? The right wing doesn't talk to the left wing. The left wing doesn't talk to the right wing. (Hey! Sounds like Congress!) And somehow, it's always your tailfeathers that end up in the fryer.

The thing about any office space is that it tends to resemble every other office space you've ever been in. Same circus, different clowns. Or in this case, chickens. If any of these sound familiar to you, you may be working in a fustercluck situation:

  • Listening to eight evil boss chickens clucking something about TPS reports.
  • Attending a goodbye party for the department of people that was fired, followed the next day by the welcome wagon party for the 15 new hires.
  • Sitting in meetings that you're pretty sure were called because someone was lonely and wanted to use a laser pointer.
  • Hearing every word of your coworker's phone conversation with his proctologist.
  • Having a burning desire to ask the e-mail admin to disable the "reply all" function.

There is only one sure-fire cure to the fustercluck, and that is getting a job at ThinkGeek. There may be some cluckery, but we try to keep the fustering down to a minimum.

Office chickens in a meeting on a 100% cotton indigo t-shirt.

*This product is imported.

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