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24 Port USB Monster Hub

This product is no longer available

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Wheel of Fortunate Availability

  • One hub powers 24 devices
  • Can power via USB or AC power
  • Built-in safety features keep your devices happy

24 Port USB Monster Hub

We have this problem with hubs, a circle of fail type of problem. We notice we require a hub. We count the amount of things we want to plug into said hub, and then we buy a hub of approximately that size. Then two months later, we realize we've acquired a bunch more things we'd like to plug in, but we don't have the available ports. D'oh. So we get a slightly larger hub. Which is great! For a couple months...

24 Port USB Monster Hub

So we've decided it's best if we just get the largest, most monstrous hub on the market, because having more ports than we need is a much nicer problem than having to acquire a new hub every few months. This puppy has 24 ports. (And you thought our 16 port hub was crazy!) Connect up to 24 USB devices with lightning fast 480Mbps transfer speeds. You can power this hub either directly from your computer or from an AC outlet. This means you can recharge your digital camera, flipcam, mp3 player, cell phone, everything you want, anywhere there's a wall socket. This top grade hub features automatic over-current protection for each port, hot swapping plug-and-play connection, and the ability to daisy chain up to 127 USB devices if you're really crazy.

Product Specifications

  • Monster 24 port USB hub! 24 ports! 24!
  • Organize your desktop with one central hub to power everything
  • Supports USB 2.0
  • Daisy chain up to 127 USB devices if you're crazy
  • Automatic over-current protection for each port
  • Hot swapping plug and play connection
  • Can power USB devices without using a computer
  • Includes power sources: USB cable and AC/DC wall adapter 100-240v
  • Plug and play for all operating systems. No software or drivers necessary
  • Dimensions: 150mm Radius x 28mm

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