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Olde Tyme Writing Set

This product is no longer available

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Prithee read this missive.

  • Get back to the way folks e-mailed in the olden days.
  • Feather and wooden pen handle included.
  • Also comes with seven interchangeable nibs and a little bottle of ink.

Pretty handwriting

Pretty handwriting

In the days of olde, when carriages were the newest mode of transportation, people used to do a bizarre thing. They would take these things called quills (and later, pens) and dip them in ink. Then, by scratching them across paper, a tangible version of an e-mail was created. This then had to be physically carried to the recipient before it could be read. Strange, we know. Well, now you can relive this pre-internet form of communication with this Olde Tyme Writing Set. Readeth on!

Each Olde Tyme Writing Set comes in a rather pretty little box. Placed on your desk, it will instantly demand attention. Inside, you'll find seven interchangeable nibs, a bottle of ink, a wooden pen, and a feather pen. Just pick your nib, pick your writing implement, dip in ink, and go! With some practice, you'll be creating font-worthy letters and missives without having to type. The Olde Tyme Writing Set will let you introduce the present to the past and create a really fun future - one letter at a time.

Olde Tyme Writing Set

  • Compose beautiful letters by dipping an actual pen into actual ink.
  • Two writing options: use the turned wooden pen handle or the feather - both with a brass quill tip.
  • Includes: Wooden pen handle, Feather pen, seven interchangeable nibs, and a small bottle of ink.
  • Ink Color: Burnt sienna.
  • Dimensions: (pens measured without nibs)
    • Wooden Pen: approx. 5.25" long.
    • Feather Pen: approx. 8" long (natural variations may occur).
    • Storage Box: approx. 10" x 3.5" x 2.5".

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