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Spudz - Pocket Microfiber Cloth

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

The Original Microfiber Lens Cloth

  • Soft microfiber cleans glasses without smudges
  • Protects your lenses, clears your vision
  • Sewn into a clip-on pouch for instant access


If you're content scratching up your glasses on your shirttails or going around with a fuzzy outlook on life, Spudz isn't for you. Move along. But if you enjoy seeing clearly and can't afford Lasik yet, stay put and check this out. The main problem with the awesome free microfiber cleaning cloth you get when you pick up your brand-spankin' new glasses from the eye doctor is that you lose it. Sometimes before you even make it home. Then you start wiping your lenses with other things and they get scratched up. Total cleanliness and vision fail.

Spudz is the most convenient microfiber lens cloth you'll ever use - and hopefully the last one you'll ever need to buy. The soft microfiber cloth gently cleans the grime from your lenses without chemicals or scratches. It's completely reusable totally environmentally friendly. But most importantly, it comes in a neoprene case - sewn in, so it won't ever come separated. If that isn't neat enough, did we mention that the pouch has a snap hook that lets you connect it to your belt loop, purse strap, or laptop case? If you have four eyes, you gotta have Spudz.

Product Specifications

  • Convenient microfiber lens cloth for cleaning glasses
  • For anyone with four eyes (but not compound eyes - back off, bugs!)
  • Don't scratch your lenses with your shirt - protect them with Spudz!
  • Sewn into a neoprene stuff-pouch that clips to your belt or bag
  • Unlike the one you got for free with your glasses, you won't lose it
  • Reusable, environmentally friendly product
  • Love your Spudz: hand wash with mild detergent and air dry with cloth extended

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