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Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies

This product is no longer available

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The cookies hate you.

  • Fortunes range from rude to insulting to mean to hilarious.
  • 10 cookies in each package, each with a different fortune.
  • Packaged in a quart-sized take out box.

Distressing news

You've stuffed yourself full of noodles and wontons and spicy bits of fried chicken. Oh, and egg rolls and dumplings and those crunchy soft things that you're not sure what they are, but dang are they good. And then the bill arrives - with fortune cookies. The fortune cookies serve to remind you how nice life can be as you are parted with your money; a reminder of the delicious meal you just ate. Cracking the cookie, you read the fortune inside: "You will die alone and poorly dressed." It's at that moment, when you are stunned and your friends laugh at you, that you realize you've been slipped a Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookie.

See, Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies look just like the real thing because, well, they are the real thing. However each of the 10 cookies contains a mean, evil, funny, or depressing fortune. The wrappers are blank, encouraging you to prank friends, family, coworkers, strangers, anyone! Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies also make great gifts to encourage creative anarchy in others. Like syphilis, but funnier and more tasty, Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies are the gift that keeps on giving.

Evil fortune cookies

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Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies

  • Tasty fortune cookies with evil, cruel, and funny fortunes inside.
  • Wrappers are blank to blend in with any restaurant decor and surprise your target.
  • 10 individually wrapped cookies per package - each with a different fortune (though if you buy multiple packages, you might get repeats).
  • WARNING: Not for children. Trust us.
  • Packaging: All 10 cookies come packed in a quart sized take out box. Yum.

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