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Retro Videogame Propaganda Posters

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

I Want You... To Insert Coin!

  • Full set of five gorgeous propaganda style posters
  • Each one depicts one classic video game from the coin-op era, printed by the original artist, Steven Thomas
  • Each poster 15 inches by 22 inces

Step up, Space Adventurer! The world needs you! Whether your strengths lie in jumping, pumping, or redlining light-cycles, your skills are needed to defeat the scourges of the Arcade! That Ape and his fiery minions must be toppled from their perches! The Master Control Program must be de-rezzed! And when it comes to defeating the dreaded Pterodactyl, aim your lance directly into the beast's mouth!

We rely on your deft handling, fine motor skills and pockets full of quarters to help bring down the enemies of all that is good and just! What will the Princess do without your help? What would happen if all those eggs hatched and black-armored riders filled the skies? And what of the poor frog? Will he ever make it home?

We have strong faith that we will all prevail, and with your help, victory will come soon. If, however, you need inspiration, we offer these wonderful motivational posters to remind you that you fight on the side right. Printed in a retro-propaganda style, this set of five posters will grace the walls of your bedroom, office, or arcade and remind you exactly why we fight!

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