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Rats! Space Shuttle Program T-Shirt

This product is no longer available

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But... But...

Geeks love the Space Shuttle Program. After all, it was a huge write-in campaign by Star Trek fans that got the first orbiter named Enterprise instead of its intended name, Constitution. We'll admit it. We're gonna miss it.

For one generation, the question was "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?" All our customers remember the moment they found out about 9/11. But for a 10-15 year window of Americans in their 30s and 40s, the defining tragedy of our generation was the Challenger disaster. We know exactly what we were doing when we heard about it. We weren't around (or aware enough) to have been shaped by the moon landing or Apollo 13, and Hubble's combination of unmanned-ness plus its rocky start got it mentally written off. For this group of people, the Space Shuttle is synonymous with the U.S. space program. So the retirement of NASA's Space Shuttle Program is bittersweet for us. Okay. Honestly? There's nothing sweet about it. It's just bitter. If you're in the room with us when we watch the final launch, that's totally allergies. Or dust. Or um... eye spouts. It's a meteorological phenomenon.

A dejected astronaut tugs a small Space Shuttle Orbiter behind him on a white or black, 100% cotton t-shirt.

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