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Gordian's Knot Puzzle

This product is no longer available

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Solve the knot, rule the world

  • An ancient puzzle, redone in modern colors
  • Six interlocking puzzle pieces - can you separate them?
  • Teaches deductive reasoning and problem-solving

"Turn him to any cause of policy,
The Gordian Knot of it he will unloose,
Familiar as his garter."
(Shakespeare, Henry V, Act 1 Scene 1. 45–47)

Storytime! (Got your teddy?) Once upon a time, the Phrygians were without a king. An oracle said, "The next guy to come into the city on an ox-cart should be king!" (How that idiot became an oracle, we don't know.) All eyes turned to the road, awaiting the next ox-cart. And sure enough, one arrived, driven by a peasant man, Gordias. "Hooray!" the priests shouted. "We have a king!" An eagle even landed on the cart, probably to eat some of his food, but whatever, it was taken as a sign from the gods. Blammo, king.

Gordian's Knot Puzzle

Gordian's Knot Puzzle

To remind himself of his lucky break and thank the gods for ending his peasant life, he erected a shrine with the wagon, which he dedicated to the gods. He tied a complex Turkish knot - the kind of knot with no ends exposed - which served as a centerpiece of the shrine. The rope hardened with age and people tried to untie it but never could. The oracles, apparently bored with the way life was going, started rumors that whoever loosed the knot would rule over all of Asia. Many men tried to undo the knot and failed. You know who solved it? Alexander the Great. He solved it with a sword, proving that violence is the answer.

We don't recommend taking a sword to your Gordian's Knot Puzzle, but hey, it's your money. The puzzle has six colorful interlocking pieces that you must pull and slide to take apart. Seems easy - only 6 pieces, right? Yeah, it takes 69 moves to solve it. Jacob, one of our code monkeys, was able to figure it out and now he's demanding we pay him a salary befitting a world ruler. The rest of us had to flip through the solution book and solve it the wimpy, cheating way. This puzzle will delight puzzle geeks and drive the rest of the world insane. But that's how we like you - just a wee bit crazy.

Yes, we are aware that it should be the Gordian Knot, not Gordian's Knot. If we had named this product, we would have been accurate. We apologize that our vendor was not as... meticulous.

  • WARNING: Choking hazard. Contains small parts. Not for children under 3.
  • Recommended for ages 8 - adult
  • An ancient puzzle, redone in modern colors
  • Six colorful interlocking puzzle pieces - can you separate them?
  • If you can't, you can use the 40 page, step-by-step solution book
  • Easy-to-follow reassembly instructions so you can start all over
  • Teaches deductive reasoning and problem-solving
  • A great gift for math teachers - puzzles in the classroom make smarter students!

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