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Temporary Hand Tattoos

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Sweat-free puppeteering

These temporary tattoos double as sweet hand puppets! Say goodbye to shoving your hand up an animal's butt and getting all sweaty in the process. Just stick 'em on, flap your fingers, and watch the fun begin. Monsters and animals sets available.

One of the things that always sucked about doing a puppet show was that your hands got all nasty and sweaty from being shoved up the backside of a stuffed creature for so long. Blech. And if you were anything like us (aka, crafty and somewhat devious, possibly deranged), you may have even "puppetized" some of your non-puppet stuffed animals using a pair of stolen scissors that you ran with back to your room. Those were the days, full of sweat and shears.


But this is a new era, an era of non-sweaty puppeteering for you and your wee geek! These temporary hand tattoos apply safely and easily using just water. Center the eyeball at the side of your index knuckle and line the top and bottom lips with your index finger and thumb. Once the tattoo is applied, it will move with you! Just flap your fingers and start yapping away. For the more down-to-earth geeklings, we have the animal set, which contains the bird, shark, zebra, giraffe, cow, alligator, tiger and bumblebee. If your geekling is more whimsical (or maniacal), the monster set contains crazy creatures of all stripes and spots, waiting to to the bidding of their new master or mistress. Best of all, no sweaty hands! It's the perfect toy that your children can take with them wherever they go. Namely, outside!


Product Specifications

  • For Ages 3 years and up
  • Temporary hand tattoos turn hands into monsters or animals
  • Animal set includes: bird, shark, zebra, giraffe, cow, alligator, tiger, and bumblebee.
  • Monster set includes: red, yellow diamond, pink stripe, purple with yellow dots, yellow bands, pink and purple, and green and blue.
  • Safe and simple to apply with water
  • Made of non-toxic materials
  • Each tattoo is approximately 3" long and 2.5" high

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