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Samurai Sword Chopstick Sets

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Look sharp, but won't cut your tongue

  • Functional and decorative chopsticks
  • Imported from Japan, land of real samurai warriors
  • Detailed handles modeled after famous samurai weapons

Highly detailed

Eating Asian food is probably one of our pastimes here at ThinkGeek. Right by the office, we have a friendly Japanese place with sushi and bento boxes, a Vietnamese place to get our pho on, two scrumptious vegetarian Indian buffets, and even a Thai place with a garden dining area lined in hot pepper plants. And even though Sheldon would yell at us for using chopsticks to eat our Thai food, we do it anyway. You know why? Because eating with chopsticks is FUN with a capital FUN.

When we first saw these, we were like, "Oh cool! Chopsticks that look like samurai swords! WANT!" Then we looked a little closer and realized that they're modeled after the weapons of actual samurai. Allow us to introduce you:

  • Maeda Toshimasu (better known as Maeda Keiji) fought with Uesugi's clan and was best known for breaking through enemy lines in the battle against the Mogami with only eight riders. If you're ever in Japan you can check out Keiji's armor at the Miyasaka Museum.
  • Sanada Saemon-no-Suke Yukimura (Sanada Yukimura for short!) was an excellent military tactician, winning battles even if his forces were outnumbered. He was called "a hero who may appear once in a hundred years" and a "crimson demon of war."
  • Date Masamune was known as the one-eyed dragon due to his outstanding tactical skills and (more notably) his missing eye. Masamune's army was instantly recognizable by their black armor and golden head gear.

Fan of Japanese stuff, eating Asian food, or swords? Maybe like us, you can say heck yes to all three. Pick up a set of these chopsticks and make your next meal infinitely more badass.


Product Specifications

  • Specialty chopsticks that look just like samurai swords
  • Imported from Japan, where swords are serious business
  • Detailed handles reproduce those of samurai swords
  • Accented with gold highlights
  • Functional and decorative, won't cut your tongue like a real sword
  • Comes with a stand so you can keep your chopsticks off the dirty table between bites
  • NOTE: ThinkGeek does not endorse putting real swords in your mouth.

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