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Cthulhu in Love Perfume

This product is no longer available

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Love and tentacles

  • An original fragrance just for us to offer to you
  • Incense, spices, kelp, sea salt, mystery, and chocolates
  • Very concentrated - a dab is all you need!


There is a place in the Pacific Ocean - the farthest place from land on all sides. In the depths of this pole of inaccessibility a sunken city sleeps. And in that city of R'lyeh, far below the waves and the sunlight and the happiness, dreams the Great Cthulhu. And what does the Great Malignant One dream about? Companionship. See, Cthulhu is in love with love. And the Great One exudes a scent to attract lovers. Three sailors went mad making sure this scent was bottled and shipped to our warehouses. We think it was well worth it, though, because now we can offer you Cthulhu in Love Perfume.

Working with the brilliant scent-ologists at the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (you know 'em; you love 'em), we are ever so proud to present this unique and totally ThinkGeek Exclusive perfume. The scent is intoxicating, described by its creators as "an amorphous mix of oppressive, piceous ritual incense, macerated kelp, sea salt, sticky dark ocean plants, and . . . mixed chocolates." That means this is what Cthulhu smells like when he wants to get it on. Seriously, you're going to adore the magic, ancient, sensual, and (dare we say) arousing scent of Cthulhu in Love Perfume.

Please Note: ThinkGeek cannot be held responsible if you attract any giant, tentacle-faced monsters with this perfume. Use at your own risk.

Product Specifications

  • An original fragrance created by the geniuses at the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - just for us to offer to you.
  • Flavored with incense, spices, kelp, sea salt, mystery, dark ocean plants . . . and mixed chocolates!
  • Contents: 5ml of concentrated perfume (i.e. just a little dab is all you need!)
  • Bottle Dimensions: approx. 0.75" diameter x 2"

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