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Star Trek Insignia Pins

This product is no longer available

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To Boldly Pin Where No One Has Pinned Before

  • As worn on the J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie reboot
  • Screen accurate replicas of Star Trek insignias with magnetic backings
  • Full metal casting with hand burnished finish

J. J. Abrams has taught us that he can make changes to a beloved film franchise and have it come out squeaky clean - bright, polished, and so shiny it leaves anamorphic lens-flares everywhere. All he needed to do was recast a little, gloss-up the scenery, and throw an entire planet into a black hole. No big deal, right?

No doubt about it, Star Trek fans are a very nitpicky lot. "Excuse me! Delta-Vega was near the great galactic barrier, and certainly not within visual distance of Vulcan, sir! Worst. Reboot. Ever." But, as Trekkers age, they're not being replaced as quickly as the younger crowd being raised on Firefly, Naruto, and *shudders* Twilight. If Trek didn't reboot, it would die. Slowly. Painfully. As if devoured by a Salt Monster.

So, the actors changed. The starship changed. Uniforms changed. Consequently, everybody had to buy new prop-replicas and collectibles. It sucks, but you've got to stay with the times, man! It is with inevitable change that we present to you the brand new fully licensed Star Trek Insignia Pins!

Each of these pins are exact replicas, having been cast from the props themselves. Plus, these puppies are solid metal and NOT plastic with magnetic backings to keep them attached to your shirt, and properly oriented, without damaging your beautiful tunic. Perfect for cosplay, or just for proudly Trekkin' across the universe.


  • Screen-accurate replicas of Star Trek Insignias
  • As-worn on J. J. Abrams' Star Trek movie reboot
  • Choose from 4 styles
    • Command
    • Sciences
    • Security / Engineering
    • Medical
  • Full metal casting with hand-burnished finish

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