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Brewzkey Beverage Key

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Open your brewski with this key

  • Looks like a key, but it's a bottle opener
  • Fits in your keyring, looks inconspicuous
  • Pull it out when it's time to party

Back in the day, everybody had a cheap bottle opener. It was brightly colored and probably had a sports team logo or other loud design on it. When beer appeared, you and your buddies simultaneously whipped out your keychains and were able to peel back your bottle caps with Brewzkey ease. That is, until your opener snapped or bent. Then you had to remember to buy a new one from the liquor store on the next beer run. Oh, and heavens forbid your bottle opener was part of a multi-tool or Swiss Army knife. Ever tried to get one of those through airport security? "We're sorry, but either we'll have to confiscate it or you have to mail it home." Sigh. Yes sir, TSA Guy, sir.

Are you ready for a bottle opener that is TSA-safe, practically unbreakable, and that disguises itself as a mild-mannered key? We are, which is why we jumped for joy when we Brewzkey found the Brewzkey. To be specific, we jumped for joy and then we opened our brewskis to celebrate. (After all, jumping after opening a brewski often results in a party foul, which is grounds for termination at ThinkGeek.) The Brewzkey is a rugged, near indestructible bottle opener that masquerades as a mild-mannered key. That's right! Just because you enjoy a beer now and then doesn't mean your keychain has to look like a frat boy's anymore.

  • Easy-to-use bottle opener in the shape of a key
  • Rugged stainless steel key is about as thick as a nickel
  • Tough construction won't bend or break (ever bent a nickel?)
  • Blends right in with your other keys, no odd shapes
  • Won't pinch or poke when you sit down with keys in your pocket
  • Won't get taken away by TSA when you fly with it

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