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Salt & Pepper Robots

This product is no longer available

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We welcome our salty robot overlords

  • Wind up robots and let them walk across the table
  • For geeks too lazy to pass the salt
  • Three Laws Safe - we think.

Salt Pepper Robots

And NaClord3000 looked out at the Earth and sneered a vicious robot sneer. "We must conquer these humans immediately. We shall exploit their love of tiny flavored rocks sprinkled on their food. Infiltrate their domiciles, observe their habits. Then, we shall be prepared to take their planet." Tiny S-Model and P-Model robots were immediately deployed to houses around the world. "They're so cute!" the humans said as they wound up the robots and watched them teeter across the table. Cute indeed... cute indeed. It's only time until NaClord3000 rules all. "They're winding and sprinkling their way to their own demise," NaClord3000 grinned as he drank his motor oil martini.

Salt Pepper Robots

But hey, life would be so much easier if robots were making all the decisions, so why not welcome the Salt & Pepper Robots into your home? They're adorable and they wind up and walk across the table, thus feeding your need for robotics and laziness. Don't burn precious calories passing the salt! Sure, you may be contributing to the robot revolution, but really, it's all about today, isn't it? Be lazy today, let your geeklings worry about the robot revolution.

  • Salt & Pepper shaker set in the shape of robots
  • Wind up robots and let them walk across the table
  • For geeks too lazy to pass the salt
  • Great activity for kids (or adults, who are we kidding?) who can't sit still at dinner
  • Dimensions: 65 x 95 x 35mm

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