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SQL Query Finger

This product is no longer available

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ThinkGeek Bounty Program

This product was a winner of the ThinkGeek Bounty Program, which means the design was an original submission by one of you. Unfortunately this program doesn't exist anymore, but to all who participated in the past, we're forever grateful for your brains.

So long and thanks for all the ideas!

There's a Finger For That

When you flip somebody the bird, there's a distinct possibility that you could come to bodily harm as a direct result of your finger's shenanigans. The nice thing about this shirt is that you get to flip off everyone you see, but only the clever know.

The middle finger doesn't get to have the spotlight often. Index finger gets to do all the exciting stuff. Ring finger gets to show off the bling. Pinky gets the fun stuff with none of the responsibility, 'cause it's so small. And then there's thumb. Whether or not you count thumb as a finger, it pretty much rocks the house. Without thumb, there is no holding a writing implement. Forks? A thing of the past. But, most importantly, there are no video game controllers. And that's why thumb lords it over the rest of the fingers. You know what middle finger thinks about that? Yeah. It's totally gonna show you.

"> SELECT finger FROM hand WHERE id=3" is printed in white on a black, 100% cotton shirt. Check it. Three works both directions. As long as you don't start counting from zero.

*This product is made in the US.

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