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Alien Facehugger Plush

Invented at ThinkGeek

He just wants to give you a kiss!

Are you feeling unloved? Do other humans cringe away from your touch? Don't worry, the Alien Facehugger Plush is here to give you all the love you need. Right out of the box this little guy will wrap his 'fingers' around your head never let go.



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He just wants to give you a kiss!

Don’t you wish there was someone, or something, at home that loved you unconditionally? The Alien Facehugger Plush can do just that! As soon as this little guy sees you he’ll try to jump up and give you a giant smooch. He loves you so much that he'll refuse to let go!

True Love

He even told us that he wants to give you a super sweet present called a Xenomorph. We don’t know what that is, but it sounds pretty thoughtful. Who knows? Maybe it'll be another pet that is BURSTING with love.

The Alien Facehugger Plush is made from extremely high quality material for maximum softness. Experience total comfort as he clutches your head in his loving grip. The 'fingers' of the Facehugger Plush have a wire skeleton that can bend in any direction for maximum poseability.

If you have heartburn or tightness in your chest don’t worry, that's just the Facehugger Plush filling you with its love.

Alien Facehugger Plush

  • Always happy to see you!
  • Cute and cuddly
  • Poseable "fingers"
  • Fills your chest with love

Alien Facehugger Plush Video:

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