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Edible Wild Hibiscus Flowers

This product is no longer available

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Alien flora you can eat

  • Beautiful and tasty edible hibiscus flowers
  • Each jar contains 11 full flowers
  • Wow your dinner guests with this garnish

Relaxing at the space station's bar, you order the house special and are presented with a glowing blue drink. At the bottom of the glass you see something; and it appears to be moving. You can't quite tell if it's a flower from a far off world dancing in the carbonation, or the tentacles of some creature waiting patiently to make you its repast. The barkeep assures you it's safe. "It's just an Edible Wild Hibiscus Flower," he says, "suck it down . . . if you dare!"

And you should dare, because Edible Wild Hibiscus Flowers might look like baby Cthulhu, but they are magically delicious. Tasting a little bit like raspberry (and a little bit like something not of this world), they make an incredible garnish on or in any dish you create. But the real beauty (as you can tell by the pictures) is enhancing your inebriating beverages. They make your martini extra exotic and add an unheard of layer of romance to a glass of champagne. Or you can just pull some Edible Wild Hibiscus Flowers out of the jar and pretend you are eating alien anemones before they eat you. Because you never know . . . they just might try!

    Edible Wild Hibiscus Flowers
    • Add an other-worldly Hibiscus Flower as a garnish or special ingredient to really wow guests at your next special occasion.
    • Wild Hibiscus flowers are fully edible and fully yummy.
    • Each jar has 11 full flowers.
    • 100% natural
    • Ingredients: hibiscus flowers, cane sugar, water - that's it!
    • Dimensions: 8.8 oz jar

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