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Caffeinated Nixie Tubes

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Powder Power!

  • ThinkGeek exclusive caffeinated candy.
  • Delicious sour powder candy in test tubes.
  • 200 mg of caffeine per tube, 5 flavors per pack.

A ThinkGeek Exclusive Candy - now with 200mg of caffeine per tube!

Dr. Timmy sat in his lab contemplating his youth, which grew more distant with every passing thought. Mainly, he reminisced about his favorite childhood candies. One in particular stood out. It was basically a paper tube filled with powder candy (we won't mention names, but you know what we mean). Suddenly, Dr. Timmy threw back his head and began to laugh. He dashed about his lab, flipping switches and throwing levers. There was a crash of lightning and Dr. Timmy held in his hands a thing of beauty. A test tube filled with powder candy (like he remembered), but with a mad scientist twist: it was now loaded with caffeine. And thus, Caffeinated Nixie Tubes were born.

Nixie Tubes If we do say so ourselves, Caffeinated Nixie Tubes are to die for. They are sweet, they are sour, and each tube is loaded with 200mg of caffeine (more than most energy drinks)! Each pack has five mouth-watering flavors and uses encapsulated caffeine technology to bring you the most buzz without even a hint of caffeine taste. Here's how we recommend taking them (for maximum potency): get a buncha spit in your mouth and pour the whole tube (or as much as you can) under your tongue. Then let it dissolve a bit; swish it around in your mouth; savor the flavor and feel the buzz; and then swallow. Trust us, if you "shoot up" like that, the caffeine of our Caffeinated Nixie Tubes will get into your blood faster. Dr. Timmy wants you to stay awake forever; Dr. Timmy prescribes Caffeinated Nixie Tubes!

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Caffeinated Nixie Tubes

  • Delicious sour powder candy, loaded with caffeine!
  • 200mg of caffeine per tube.
  • Flavors: Cherry, Lemon/Lime, Fruit Punch, Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry
  • Each pack contains one of each flavor.
  • Each tube is 8g of power powder goodness.

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